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LEO + BE is now available at Top Gear Surf and Streetwear.

Posted on 3rd Jul 2018 @ 2:43 PM

yg.pngLocated in the heart of the Waikato, the independently owned Top Gear Surf and Streetwear are proud carriers of the LEO + BE clothing range.

“At Top Gear Surf and Streetwear, we are always on the look out for new brands that will meet our high standards of quality, style and uniqueness. LEO + BE ticked all those boxes for us,” says Tracy from Top Gear Surf and Streetwear.

LEO + BE comes from Auckland-designer Jenny Drury in partnership with her sister Brenda Wilkinson. The fashion forward duo have 29 years in the fashion industry. The LEO+BE name is a reference Jenny’s star sign and Brenda’s initial.

LEO + BE is the sister brand to popular woman’s clothing label Ketz-ke.

“LEO + BE is an affordable and a versatile fashion label that always has interesting and fashion forward pieces to suit a range of personal styles,” adds Tracy. Launching last year LEO+BE is a creative and playful new label perfect for stylish millennials looking for fresh, trendy outfits.

Described as bold and feminine, infused with playful pieces in fresh colour palettes, LEO + BE aims to put out four collections a year, “so there is always something fresh to spice up your wardrobe,” adds Tracy.

The LEO + BE collections are full of must-haves for the woman seeking mix and match pieces with a fashion flair.

If you are looking to pick up some pieces of the LEO + BE collection, stop by their store in Morrisville. Their friendly staff will help you select items that are fresh, fun and easy to wear and will also look fantastic on you.

And if you can’t get to their store you can check out Top Gear Surf and Streetwear online store for great range of the clothes from LEO + BE: http://www.topgearonline.co.nz/.

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